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Contract Organic Strawberry Project

In 2021, we launched the organic strawberry planting project in a total of 2,500 decares of land in Canakkale, (Biga, Kalkim), Nigde (Bor) and Balikesir (Ivrindi). We provided financial, technical and technological support to our farmers from pre-planting phase to harvest and helped them to have a successful first year harvest.

By providing the digital applications in our contracted strawberry projects (orbit scouting & crop health, agricultural sensor station, digital soil analysis and digital pest traps), we created the required habitat for the products to be grown in the most suitable and healthiest way.


Digital Services

iconTechnology in Supply

By digitalizing supply operations and establishing a system that runs automated with electronic live data tracking allows us to handle operations quickly and faultlessly with minimizing potential errors. With this ability, we make agricultural supply traceable and record the journey of a product. We can share with our customers in real time where our products come from.

iconTechnology in Harvest

We use high-end agricultural equipments from the moment crops meet the soil till post-harvest. We offer a much more cost-effective and fast harvesting options to our farmers. Through our rapidness in harvesting, we ensure that producers recieve their products in the freshest form and condition.

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